AnyTech365, a Worldwide Leader in AI Powered IT Security, to Go Public Through Merger With Zalatoris Acquisition Corp.

AnyTech365, a Worldwide Leader in AI Powered IT Security, to Go Public Through Merger With Zalatoris Acquisition Corp.

  • AnyTech365 Offers a Unique AI (“Artificial Intelligence”) Powered “One-Point” Solution for All Customer Information Technology (“IT”) and Cybersecurity Needs.
  • Transaction Values AnyTech365 at a $220 Million Enterprise Value.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 11, 2023 / Anteco Systems, S.L. (“AnyTech365”), a leader in AI powered IT security, and Zalatoris Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: TCOA.U, TCOA, TCOA.WS) (the “Company” or “Zalatoris”), a special purpose acquisition company incorporated in Delaware for the purpose of combining with one or more businesses or entities (a “Business Combination”), announced today that they have entered into a business combination agreement (the “Business Combination Agreement”) expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024, subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions (collectively, the “Transaction”).

AnyTech365: An Industry leader in Efficient, Customer-First AI Powered IT Security.

Founded in 2014, AnyTech365 is a leading provider of IT security software products and related services. At the core of its extensive portfolio stands the revolutionary AnyTech365 IntelliGuard, an AI-powered comprehensive threat prevention and performance enhancement optimization software. AnyTech365’s subscription-based solutions, delivered as Software as a Service (“SaaS”), extend their protective reach to all internet-connected devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and a myriad of other Internet of Things (“IoT”) devices.

In an era where cybersecurity takes center stage and the intricacies of IT devices and software pose growing challenges for consumers and small businesses, AnyTech365 is committed to safeguarding its customers’ digital world and streamlining the user experience. AnyTech365 provides dependable and secure solutions and services while ensuring round-the-clock, 365-day access to certified experts proficient in Android, iOS, and Windows, and fluent in over twenty (20) languages.

AnyTech365 has received widespread acclaim, earning multiple accolades on local, national, and international stages. In 2019, AnyTech365 was ranked as the 27th fastest-growing company in Europe across all sectors, according to the Financial Times FT1000.

AnyTech365 intends to use the proceeds from the Transaction to increase its growth via accelerating its strategic partnerships with MediaMarkt, one of Europe’s largest electronic retailers, the expansion of its direct and online marketing activities, further implementation of AI as well as software development and pursuing strategic acquisitions.

Embracing AI to Drive Growth: AnyTech365 tackles security, performance, and optimization challenges with a blend of its pioneering AI-driven IT security and monitoring software. One of the key benefits of AnyTech365’s AI-driven approach is its ability to automate various processes, which leads to quicker response times and improved customer satisfaction. Through AI algorithms and machine learning technology, it can analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, enabling proactive detection and resolution of any potential IT security issues.

Additionally, AnyTech365’s AI capabilities facilitate intelligent problem-solving and decision-making. The algorithms continuously learn and adapt based on user behavior and patterns, allowing for customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer. This level personalization enhances the overall user experience and ensures that clients receive the most effective and efficient support.

Capitalizing on Favorable Market Tailwinds: The growing complexity of IoT technologies, alongside increased cybersecurity risk, has made it an opportune time for AnyTech365 to expand its legacy SaaS business. With the devices with which we interact every day becoming increasingly complex and connected and digital operations migrating to the cloud, small businesses and consumers are increasingly looking for high-quality, smart, simple and proactive IT security and support solutions. Furthermore, by utilizing its rapidly evolving AI technology, AnyTech365 is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the rising demand stemming from these trends. With a strong existing business-to-consumer presence and market resonance, AnyTech365 also has a tremendous opportunity to extend business-to-business applications serving small and medium enterprises across expanded end markets and geographies.

Expanding Strategic Partnerships: AnyTech365 is poised to scale its reach throughout Europe by expanding their strategic partnerships, such as with MediaMarkt, the leading Europe-based consumer electronic retailer with over one thousand (1,000) stores and an interactive ecommerce platform. AnyTech365’s agreement with MediaMarkt will see the rollout of the AnyTech365 products and services being included as a purchase option in the MediaMarkt online checkout following the ecommerce sale of an IoT product or device as well as featuring across hardware insurance products such as Extended Warranty and IT Helpdesk, sold in the MediaMarkt physical stores and ecommerce platform. Additionally, AnyTech365 is also pre-installing AnyTech365 IntelliGuard software on MediaMarkt laptops prior to sale. The agreement also provisions AnyTech365 to position technical personnel at each of MediaMarkt’s more than one hundred (100) stores in Spain to provide a “Shop in Shop” on-site technical expert experience. This unique agreement gives AnyTech365 the opportunity to offer its SaaS IT security services directly to the millions of MediaMarkt customers. Beyond Spain, the partnership is expected to roll out across additional EU territories where MediaMarkt operates.

Pursuing Complementary Acquisitions: The strong demand for IT security SaaS and the fragmented market presents a considerable opportunity for AnyTech365 to rapidly expand its service offerings and capabilities across end markets and geographies. With an industry leading compliance platform and highly scalable AI powered systems, AnyTech365 is positioned to achieve greater reach through consolidation in this nascent and fast-growing environment. With strong focus on implementing AI in all aspects of its business AnyTech365 also expect to be able to increase revenues and at the same time optimize cost and create efficiencies in performance and service level enhancements.

Management Comments

Janus R Nielsen, Founder of AnyTech365, said:

“Given the bright outlook for our company and our current place in the cybersecurity industry, we are extremely thrilled to be merging with Zalatoris. AnyTech365’s unique position in the fast growing IT sector is giving us many opportunities for growth and expansions. We already have several exciting partnerships to launch in the near future and believe we can successfully expand our software development as well as our direct online sales and marketing activities. Moreover, we have identified a range of potential acquisition targets worth pursuing.

We have entered a new era, the era of Artificial Intelligence, and our industry is at the forefront of the AI adoption. Over the last eighteen (18) months we have been successfully implementing various AI tools and technologies. With the recent launch of AnyTech365 IntelliGuard, our proprietary platform for all AnyTech365’s security software products, services and plans we are indeed excited for what the future holds.

With the forthcoming IPO and the injection of substantial growth capital, that will supercharge our company over the next three to five years, we are confident we will reach our strategic goals. With the belief and vision both the Zalatoris and J.Streicher team have shown us, we are convinced this merger will unlock our full potential. Zalatoris is indeed a perfect fit for us,” Janus R Nielsen concludes.

Paul Davis, CEO of the Company, said:

“We are very excited about our announcement and the partnership with AnyTech365, a genuine leader in IT Security and support. We have been working at length and in depth with the AnyTech365 executive team to understand the business, explore new opportunities and help build a plan for growth.

AnyTech365 is at the forefront of utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance its IT security and support services. By incorporating into its operations, AnyTech365 is able to provide its customers with advanced solutions and a higher level of efficiency. By harnessing the potential of AI, AnyTech365 remains ahead of the curve in the IT security and support industry, providing customers with cutting-edge solutions and an exceptional level of service, proven by its ratings and reviews on Google and TrustPilot.

AnyTech365’s collaboration with MediaMarkt also offers us the unique opportunity to expand into a huge new market potentially harnessing millions of customers in Spain and across Europe. AnyTech365’s early adoption of AI-driven services allows for an un-precedented amount of growth and the ability to scale without the need for a large increase in costs or operations.

AnyTech365 has genuinely strong foundations and offers a great service into a growing sector. We believe that the opportunity to expand and scale this business with strategic investment will see this company reach the huge potential it has.”

Transaction Overview

The Transaction values AnyTech365 at a $220 million enterprise value. The Transaction, which has been unanimously approved by the Boards of Directors of AnyTech365 and the Company, is subject to approval by the Company’s stockholders and other customary closing conditions, including the receipt of certain regulatory approvals.

Additional information about the Transaction, including a copy of the Business Combination Agreement, is available in the Company’s Current Report on Form 8-K filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) on September 8, 2023 and at

Legal Advisors

Cuatrecasas Goncalves Pereira, S.L.P. is serving as legal counsel to AnyTech365 in the Transaction. Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP is serving as legal counsel to the Company in the Transaction.

About AnyTech365

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Marbella, Spain, Anteco Systems, S.L. (“AnyTech365”) is a leading European AI powered IT Security company helping end users and small businesses have a worry-free experience with all things tech. With approximately 280 employees and offices in Marbella and Torremolinos (Spain), Casablanca (Morocco), and San Francisco (California, US), AnyTech365 offers an array of security, performance, threat prevention and optimization software and hardware.

The flagship product is their unique and ground breaking AI powered AnyTech365 IntelliGuard which is the cornerstone and foundation within all products, services and plans. They offer qualified technicians who are available 24/7, 365 days a year, providing fast technical focused support for practically any security, performance or optimization issues that users may experience with their PC, laptop, smartphone, wearable technology, smart home devices or any Internet-connected device.

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About Zalatoris Acquisition Corp.

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