Interview: Compliance Officer Markus Diershe

Interview: Compliance Officer Markus Diershe

What personal principles motivate you to work as Compliance Officer?

As part of the compliance team, it is important to ensure that the company’s values are represented in a compliant manner.

What role does honesty and ethics play at AnyTech365?

At AnyTech365 honesty and ethics is part of the DNA to guarantee customer satisfaction in a high-quality standard.

What gives you the most satisfactions in your daily work?

that our customers are happy with our service and know that they can trust us.

Give a recent example of how you helped improve AnyTech365 services:

A live coaching to an employee was given to ensure the standard of quality at AnyTech365 is followed.

Describe AnyTech365 in a sentence:

Great company with hard working employees, dedicated to providing the friendliest and most helpful remote technical support service in the industry.