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Let Artificial Intelligence take care of your entire IT system!

Ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence technology that actively monitors and prevents possible threats on your devices and networks before they appear, increasing your productivity, performance and security.

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IntelliGuard365 runs on Windows and macOS. Microsoft Windows and Apple logos are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation and Apple Inc.
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Proactively alerts our hundreds of certified IT experts for immediate diagnosis and action


Why do I need AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

Easy - to prevent threats from happening and have an up to date computer, that runs smoothly.

AnyTech365 IntelliGuard is a proactive guard against all kinds of potential security or speed problems. It gives you an even deeper level of protection, and allows us to provide you an even faster and more efficient service. AnyTech365 IntelliGuard alerts us if there's anything wrong with your device, or even if there’s anything which could cause a problem in the future. Things like out-of-date virus definitions, an incorrectly configured firewall or other system protection, incorrectly configured system settings and so on.

The software will securely alert a qualified technician, and then, depending on your preferences, we can contact you to help you decide how best to proceed, we can go ahead and resolve some issues remotely without even disturbing you, or you can set your preferences based on the type of issue. Combined with AnyTech365 Security, AnyTech365 IntelliGuard helps delivery a complete security and optimization service to you, 24/7/365. It’s really an amazing tool.

It is even possible to live chat with our technicians or send a help request in order for them to call you – it was never this easy to get in touch with our technicians!

You do not only avoid the pain of having to miss your computer for hours or even days while it is being fixed by a technician, you will also have an up to date system at all times and easy access to our technicians.

24/7 Customer Service – we are ready to assist you any day of the week!

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FAQ Question AnyTech365 IntelliGuard:

Is AnyTech365 IntelliGuard compatible with Windows and Mac?

Yes, it is compatible with both systems. Find below the system requirements:

How do I install AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

Our certified technicians will install IntelliGuard365 for you.

Is it safe to use AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

Yes, it is completely safe to use IntelliGuard365

What kind of alerts will the technicians receive from AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

IntelliGuard365 can alert us when you are missing an update or an anti-virus program for example. It can also show you if your computer is slow, heating up or when it has a lack of space. Any potential threats or vulnerabilities will be sent to our technicians to fix.

Is there a difference between my anti-virus program and AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

Yes, there is a difference. Your anti-virus protects you from viruses whereas IntelliGuard365 indicates weaknesses in your computer. Such as, a missing anti-virus program, missing updates, a slow system and anything else that is a possible weakness for your device.

Can I uninstall AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

Yes, you can uninstall IntelliGuard365 yourself, or one of our technicians can do it for you.

In what countries can I use AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

IntelliGuard365 is supported in all countries.

Is there a discount for AnyTech365 IntelliGuard /How to get AnyTech365 IntelliGuard for free?

Yes, you can get a 100% discount to have IntelliGuard365 for Free by obtaining an AnyTech365 IoT Security plan.


  • Mac OS X 10.8.x (ユキヒョウ) 以降
  • 100 MB of free disk space
  • A local administrator account
  • Windows 7 and above
  • 200 MB of free disk space