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AnyTech365 IntelliGuard runs on Windows (coming soon on macOS). Microsoft Windows and Apple logos are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation and Apple Inc.


What are the advantages of using AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

The answer is simple: to proactively shield your system from potential threats and ensure the consistent, optimal performance of your computer.

Experience the Ultimate in Proactive Protection and Support with AnyTech365 IntelliGuard.

At AnyTech365, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your digital world. That is why we have developed AnyTech365 IntelliGuard, your advanced solution to pre-emptively shield your devices against potential security and performance concerns.

What Does AnyTech365 IntelliGuard Offer?

Our innovative software not only provides you with a deeper level of protection but also ensures a faster and more efficient service. With AnyTech365 IntelliGuard, you can rest easy knowing that it constantly monitors your devices for any irregularities or impending issues. These issues may range from outdated virus definitions, incorrectly configured firewalls, or other system protection settings to system configurations that need adjustment.

How Does AnyTech365 IntelliGuard Work?

Should AnyTech365 IntelliGuard detect any issues, it instantly notifies one of our qualified technicians. Depending on your preferences, we can then take appropriate action. You have the choice to be contacted by us to discuss the best course of action, or, for minor issues, we can efficiently resolve them remotely without any disruption on your part. You can also customize your preferences based on the nature of the problem at hand.

Enhanced Protection with AnyTech365 Security

When combined with AnyTech365 Security, AnyTech365 IntelliGuard provides a comprehensive security and optimization service that operates around the clock, every day of the year. It truly is an incredible tool.

Seamless Communication with Our Technicians

We have made it easier than ever to reach out to our skilled technicians. You can live chat with them or simply send a help request for a callback. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of extended computer downtime while waiting for a technician – with AnyTech365, you will always have an up-to-date system and effortless access to our experts.

24/7 Customer Service

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends to our 24/7 customer service, ensuring that we are here to assist you any day of the week. Trust in AnyTech365 IntelliGuard to provide unrivalled protection, support, and peace of mind for your digital devices.


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FAQ - AnyTech365 IntelliGuard:

1. Is AnyTech365 IntelliGuard compatible with Windows and Mac?

Yes, AnyTech365 IntelliGuard is fully compatible with Windows (coming soon on macOS) operating systems. Please refer to the bottom of the page for system requirements for installation.

2. How do I install AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

If you require assistance our certified technicians will manage the installation of AnyTech365 IntelliGuard on your device. Simply reach out to us, and we will ensure the software is properly set up for you.

3. Is it safe to use AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

Absolutely. AnyTech365 IntelliGuard is designed with your safety in mind, and for your computer's security and best performance.

4. What kind of alerts will the technicians receive from AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

AnyTech365 IntelliGuard is equipped to provide alerts on various aspects of your computer's health. This includes notifications regarding missing updates, the absence of anti-virus protection, system performance issues (e.g., slowness or overheating), and storage capacity concerns. Our expert technicians will promptly address any potential threats or vulnerabilities detected.

5. Is there a difference between my anti-virus program and AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

Yes, there is a distinction between your anti-virus software and AnyTech365 IntelliGuard. While your anti-virus program primarily shields your device from viruses, AnyTech365 IntelliGuard specializes in identifying weaknesses in your system. These weaknesses may include missing anti-virus software, pending updates, system slowdowns, and other vulnerabilities that may compromise your device's security and performance.

6. Can I uninstall AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

Yes, you have the flexibility to uninstall AnyTech365 IntelliGuard at your convenience. You can perform the uninstallation yourself, or if you prefer, one of our technicians can assist you with the process.

7. In what countries can I use AnyTech365 IntelliGuard?

AnyTech365 IntelliGuard is available and supported in most countries, ensuring comprehensive global coverage.

8. Is there a discount for AnyTech365 IntelliGuard / How to get AnyTech365 IntelliGuard for free?

Yes, you can enjoy a 100% discount on AnyTech365 IntelliGuard by acquiring an AnyTech365 IoT Security plan. This will provide you with the software at no cost.


  • macOS 10.12. (Sierra) or later.
  • 200 MB of available disk space.
  • A local administrator account.
  • Windows 7 and above.
  • 200 MB of available disk space.