Quality Environmental and Information Security Policy

Quality and environmental policy:

Since its foundation, Anteco Systems SL’s management has been committed to quality policies and respect for the environment, including internationally recognized standards in its models and methodological frameworks. To fulfil this commitment, it establishes a Quality and Environmental Management System based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards.

Anteco Systems SL has a priority objective set out in the policy derived from the strategic plan arising from its Corporate Vision and Mission: to satisfy the needs and expectations of Clients in the provision of professional technical services and in the design, development, and maintenance of information systems and to achieve high levels of quality adjusted to the requirements of the Client. The Quality and Environmental Management System controls each of the processes and the significant environmental impacts and ensures the capacity of the service provided to the Client, as well as the detection of non-conformities and incorporates the necessary means to prevent them from happening again.

The fundamental values that Anteco Systems SL promotes as its own in this framework are:

  • Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, as well as all the commitments that the organization subscribes related to environmental aspects.
  • Understand the current and future needs of our clients with the aim of achieving full Client satisfaction.
  • Promotion of employee training and awareness, guaranteeing the level of training, motivation, and technical means necessary for the efficient development of their activities.
  • To direct our efforts towards a continuous improvement in the quality of our service and improvement in the efficiency of our processes, fostering relations with our clients.
  • Promote communication with an emphasis on communicating to our employees our commitments to quality and the environment.
  • Creation of the appropriate work environment facilitating the participation of personnel in all activities and in the achievement of the objectives set.
  • Planning our activities in such a way as to ensure the prevention of pollution, ensuring continuous improvement of our behaviour in the environmental field.
  • Minimisation of the environmental impact produced by the activity, placing special emphasis on the aspects generated, especially those that have been evaluated as significant by the organisation.

Information security policy:

AnyTech365 provides useful, easy, close, and fast technical support for regular users and small businesses.

AnyTech365 is proud to make a difference every day: attitude, commitment, teamwork, performance, goal achievement and integrity are the principles on which our company was built.

From AnyTech365’s senior management, we are committed to developing, implementing, evaluating, and carrying out continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System, which consists of:

Confidentiality, integrity, and Availability are essential to maintain Anteco Systems SL security compliance.

Anteco Systems SL shall acknowledge the importance of ensuring information security within information assets; and is committed towards supporting the information security goals and principles.

The goal of ANTECO SYSTEMS SL’s information security policy is to ensure the following:

  • Confidentiality of information is being maintained (e.g., legal, client, administrative, and personal information).
  • Integrity of the information through the protection from unauthorized modification.
  • Availability of information to authorized users, when/if required.
  • Information is protected from unauthorized access.
  • Business strategy is achieved.
  • The current security threats within the environment are assessed.
  • Regulatory and legislative requirements are met.
  • Responsibilities and accountability for information security are established.

All ANTECO SYSTEMS SL’s employees, contractors, consultants and third parties shall adhere to this Information Security Policy and the appropriate supporting policies.

These policies follow best security practices based on ISO/ 27001:2013 standard and map to its recommendation.


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