Interview: Compliance Officer Álvaro

Interview: Compliance Officer Álvaro

We are friendly IT experts providing remote technical support all over Europe, and beyond! One of our Spanish Compliance Officers, Álvaro, talks about the future plans of AnyTech365 – we are already the leading European online computer help and support service – Álvaro works to support our goal to be the first Certified Tech Support Service Centre in Europe!
  1. Why work as a Compliance Officer?

    Ethics and following the law are very important to me, and I wanted to do my part to help AnyTech65 to achieve the best quality control and customer protection. I want customers to know they can trust AnyTech365 and receive the best, most honest computer help service from our friendly IT experts. AnyTech365 also supports employees – the company is helping me to grow professionally and personally.

  2. What role do honesty and ethics play at AnyTech365?

    A very important role! We are working hard every day to be the first Certified Technical Support Service Centre in Europe – this is only possible by being truly honest, ethical, and compliant at all times, and in everything we do. These things are very important for our company; and they should always be followed because it is the correct way to do business.

  3. Compliance Officers use “scorecards” to evaluate calls – what is the most important criteria, and why?

    I think the criteria related to secure payments and data security is the most important thing and the area where we have to be the most compliant. We never record or view any customer bank details – all payments are handled by trusted third-party providers. We are proud to highlight ourselves as security experts – keeping the customer and their data secure are one of the main reason that AnyTech365 is trusted by so many people in so many countries.

  4. What gives you the most satisfaction in your daily work?

    When analysts are completely committed improving every day and I can see they are improving their compliance scores. The best thing for me is when they listen and follow our instructions and guidance, and then they get a new high score for compliance – I find it very satisfying to help! AnyTech365 is all about “people helping people” – we love to help each other, as well as fix computer problems!

  5. How do you help improve AnyTech365 services?

    Recently I prepared a meeting with another Compliance Officer where we worked together to provide an improved procedure for our Spanish analysts to help them achieve 100% compliance scores. I am always available to my analysts if they need anything, to help to resolve any doubts they may have, and I´m always focused on supporting AnyTech365 to be completely compliant.

  6. Describe AnyTech365 in a few words

    Opportunity, Knowledge, Teamwork, Future