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¿Qué es AppEsteem?

Las principales empresas de ciberseguridad del mundo confían en AppEsteem para ayudar a proteger a más de 2.000 millones de personas.

Fundada por un equipo de veteranos en ciberseguridad de Microsoft, AppEsteem certifica aplicaciones de seguridad y servicios de soporte y seguridad relacionados para ayudar, guiar y proteger a los consumidores contra empresas que son poco éticas y agresivas.

La vision de AppEsteem es simple: que los consumidores no tengan nada que temer cuando instalen y utilicen softwares y servicios de seguridad informática.

AppEsteem Certification: Protecting Consumers

AppEsteem certification requirements are based on input from government regulators, law enforcement, security companies, the software industry, tech support companies, and consumer groups. Along with AppEsteem's other requirements, they are designed to protect consumers.

  • AnyTech365 is the first European company Certified by AppEsteem
  • AnyTech365 was reviewed and audited by AppEsteem for over 1 year
  • AnyTech365 has met all 39 of AppEsteem’s compliance requirements

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Nuestra Visión

We work hard every day to become THE household name in IoT Security Solutions.

We are ranked by Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe because:

  • We have the highest standards for all aspects of our business
  • We treat employees and customers with respect
  • We use every single day to improve for the benefit of everyone

Nuestra Misión

Proporcionar el servicio de soporte técnico remoto de la manera más cordial, útil y rentable del mundo.

Our Code of Conduct

All employees are bound by the AnyTech365 Code of Conduct.

We are committed to acting honestly, ethically, and in complete compliance with not only the letter but also the spirit of the law. It is critical to both customer satisfaction and our continued success.

Georgi Medzhidiliev

Chief Compliance Officer

AnyTech365 CCO habla sobre el cumplimiento en la industria

Nuestro Chief Compliance Officer Georgi habla sobre la protección de los consumidores, el servicio al cliente de alta calidad, la certificación AppEsteem, CleanApps.Org y sobre cómo liderar el camino hacia prácticas éticas y de cumplimiento en la industria europea de ayuda y soporte de seguridad IO.

The AnyTech365 Compliance Team

The people keeping our company ticking

Mahssa Khan

Compliance Team Leader

Computer and Internet help and support from friendly IT experts is available wherever you live – for any problem, at any time...

Tina Ippolito

Compliance Officer

With AnyTech365, it has never been easier to get PC and Internet help… and with our dedicated Compliance Officer Tina, it has never been easier...

Delphine Genart

Compliance Officer

AnyTech365 provide computer and Internet help and support from friendly IT experts; friendly French Compliance Officer Delphine loves to...

Nicole Rodrigues

Compliance Officer

Ensuring all involved in client communications are doing so in a compliant way, Nicole thinks this is very important in the online tech support environment...

Ana Cobos

Compliance Officer

AnyTech365 Compliance Officers work diligently to ensure the best customer experience and remote technical support service for consumers, and that all business is conducted according to laws and regulations.

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