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How it works

Why do you need another router? It’s very simple – Security and safety

Your current router vulnerabilities

Your Internet Service Provider does not keep your current Internet router up to date. Even a router bought in the last year or so will have numerous recently discovered vulnerabilities that, if left without updating, leaves doors wide open for hackers to gain access to all your computers, tablets, mobile phones and all other devices you have connected to the Internet in your home.

Vulnerabilities in residential routers are exposed daily in the news media, but Internet Service Providers never fix them. The result is a complete lack of security, leaving all of your devices and data vulnerable to anyone in range of your WiFi signal – including outside of your home.

We, on the other hand, make sure your router is ALWAYS updated against all security vulnerabilities in order to prevent hackers, cybercriminals, and anyone else from intruding into your home WiFi and accessing your private data. And that’s not all…

Safe and anonymous web browsing

Our secure router will encrypt all information and data coming from any of your household devices.

We do not store any connection logs – at all! Your Internet activity will be completely private and withheld from:

  • Your Internet service provider
  • the government
  • hackers
  • cybercriminals
  • nosy neighbours
  • or anyone else who might be interested in your online activity

Your safety and privacy are our primary concerns. You can rest assured – we secure your internet footprint 100%

Restrictions? None whatsoever!

You may stream, download, or watch anything using our secure router, and your IP address will be hidden from prying eyes and ears.

24/7 customer service

We are here to help and assist you any day of the week.

Router sales and delivery are currently only available in the following countries:

United Kingdom
United States
Features comparison
Normal Router
Secure Router

Security software and firmware updates added automatically.

Data and web activity are 100% private - protected by 256bit encryption.

Advanced firewall protection, with remote access for maintenance.

Protection of all your IoT devices, including data theft.

Great user experience! It comes 100% pre-configured. All you have to do is plug it in, and a team of specialists are online 24/7 to assist you.

Hardware specifications

Advanced WIFI

The AT365-AC9000 router is NOT an old slow turtle like most current routers! It comes fully equipped with latest-generation AC wireless technology (802.11ac). With older Wireless-G routers you are sacrificing overall speed and security while using the wireless capabilities when connected with newer devices. They simply cannot keep up with the potential of modern devices.

The AT365-AC9000 has DUAL WIFI, meaning it comes with two different WIFI networks that your devices can connect to. One is fully encrypted using a new state of the art powerful encryption technology, and the other remains unencrypted for compatibility with older devices.

LAN ports

Both physical cabled LAN ports are gigabit ports – the fastest available. Both ports are fully encrypted – without compromising any of the blazing fast speeds the router offers. You have manual control over the ports via the AnyTech365 Secure Router App to switch the ports for functionality with legacy devices.


The AT365-AC9000 comes equipped with an incredibly powerful processor, ensuring that it has more than enough power to provide every device in your house with breath-taking encrypted speeds superior of 170 Mbit.

Interface 1 x WAN Ethernet port
2 x LAN Ethernet port
3 x LEDs
1 x USB 3.0 port
CPU IPQ4029 Quad-core ARM, @717MHz SoC
Memory / Storage DDR3L 512MB / FLASH 16MB + EMMC 8GB
Antennas Internal
Protocol IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Wi-Fi Speed 2.4GHz(400Mbps), 5GHz(867Mbps)
TX power 2.4GHz: 20dBm (11b) Max, 5GHz: 20dBm (11a) Max
Ethernet Port 3 x 10/100/1000M
LEDs Wireless status indication / Mesh LED / Power supply
Power Input 12V/1.5A
Power Consumption <7W
Working Temperature -20 ~ 40°C (-4 ~ 104°F)
Storage Temperature -20~70°C (-4~158°F)
Dimension / Weight 117 x 117 x 35mm / 240g

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