Interview: Compliance Officer Francisco

Interview: Compliance Officer Francisco

Spanish Compliance Officer Francisco talks about how AnyTech365 uses TeamViewer – the most trusted, industry-leading software for secure remote access. In fact, AnyTech365 is the only remote tech support company that TeamViewer showcase on their website! AnyTech365 record all interactions to ensure the very best customer protection and the highest quality, highest-rated tech support service.
  1. How do you spend your time?

    Listening to calls and watching TeamViewer recordings of every remote technical support session – we are very thorough and careful to check not only the words of the phone calls, but also the actions of our staff. This way we make sure that analysts follow the established criteria. I also spend time doing 1-1 training and/or live coaching with the to help the development of analysts in line with AnyTech365 standards for quality computer help and customer protection.


  2. What role do honesty and ethics play at AnyTech365?

    Using the established criteria we make sure that the law is followed completely. But more than this, there are many criteria specifically for ethical and honest conduct. We aim to treat our clients how we would treat a member of our family, so, for example, we do not lie about what we are doing or we have found in the PC of the client – our policy is very clear: we must be ethical and honest at all times. It is the focus on honesty, ethics, and compliance that sets AnyTech365 apart from the scam tech support companies.


  3. Why work as a Compliance Officer?

    I like to help make sure that as a company we are honest with clients and comply with mandatory regulations and go a little better also. I believe in the company mission to be the best and most friendly remote tech support service available – my work as a CO lets me help the AnyTech365 continue as the leading European computer help company, so we help the most people in the best way.


  4. Compliance Officers use “scorecards” to evaluate calls – what is the most important criteria, and why?

    I think the No scare tactic and no lies. We want to be different from the rest of the IT support companies – there are companies who do not act in a good way, so called “scammers” who take advantage of people and charge a lot of money for no service. We are very careful to avoid these have bad practices. Sometimes analysts do not realise that the information they are giving might be scary to customers, so we make sure everything is clear and honest to give AnyTech365 customers complete peace of mind as well as complete PC protection and help with all their computer problems.


  5. What gives you the most satisfaction in your daily work?

    That with my comments I help to improve the work and actions of AnyTech365 friendly IT experts. Step by step we see that all analysts are improving their score, the whole company is always improving every day. I like that very much!


  6. Give a recent example of how you helped improve AnyTech365 services

    Last week I worked in a meeting with the Spanish team in order to explain about each compliance criteria on our scorecards to remove any doubt about how to ensure customer protection and give the best remote technical support service to AnyTech365 customers. This will really help improve our services because all interactions will improve all the time for every customer.


  7. Describe AnyTech365 in a few words

    Teamwork – Transparency – Adaptable – Performance – Dynamic