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Interview: Compliance Officer Tina

With AnyTech365, it has never been easier to get PC and Internet help… and with our dedicated Compliance Officer Tina, it has never been easier to get 100% compliance scores! Tina is Italian, but was born and grew up in Germany, so she works hard to ensure the highest quality customer service for our German language technical support customers.
  1. How do you spend your time?

    I check the reports from the day before to get an overview of how many calls the German team received. I open the technical support booking emails and start to evaluate customer calls against our compliance scorecards.

    We select the call with the best compliance score for each language as Call of the Day. We send out notifications about these best calls to the whole company. That way, we all celebrate our achievements together. If necessary, I discuss special scorecards directly with agents in live coaching sessions. At the end of my day, I write my shift report with my completed work of the day.


  2. What role do honesty and ethics play at AnyTech365?

    We attach great importance to honesty! That’s the basis of what we do! We work hard to earn the trust of our customers, particularly in this industry where some companies give the rest a bad name.


  3. Why work as a Compliance Officer?

    Personally, I attach great importance to the security of the private and personal data of the customers! I like to work to ensure people are treated fairly, and I firmly believe that positivity, honesty and legality pave the road to trust and a successful, professional service. Working as a CO, I get to help the company be the best in the industry.


  4. What gives you the most satisfaction in your daily work?

    When an analyst takes on board my advice after live coaching, and they get close to 100% score – I like to help people!


  5. Give a recent example of how you helped improve AnyTech365 services

    An analyst had 3 bad calls where he was reprimanded for maybe scaring a customer in his explanation of the problems on the computer. I spent a lot of time focused on working with him, giving him some tips, helping him to understand how he could better explain the computer problems without scaring a customer; some days later the agent had his 100% score, and then another 100% score some days after that too!


  6. Describe AnyTech365 in a few words



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