Account Security Info

In a world where more and more activities have moved online, your Internet security is our most important responsibility.

There is hardly an area of life left without the Internet, reading the newspaper, booking appointments, and online banking.

However, this means that criminal activities are moving into the online world.

AnyTech365 protects your computer and Internet connected devices:

  • Antivirus, updated daily to ward off potential threats.
  • IntelliGuard, keeps your computer up to date and functioning at its best.
  • Secure Router, encrypts all Internet connections and makes them invisible to third parties.
  • Technical service whenever you need it – via live chat or on the phone, via remote support – in case something doesn’t work, or you don’t know what to do.

We continue to add new features to ensure you always receive the best service possible.

However, your cooperation is also needed when it comes to putting a stop to fraud and theft.

Our advice is that you:

  • Do not grant anyone access to your computer that you do not know who are. (Would you leave your front door open so anyone can just walk in?)
  • Always ask for the person’s name, company name, e-mail address, telephone number and website.
  • Insist on using our secure remote support tool, built into AnyTech365 IntelliGuard.
  • Do not open e-mail attachments from an unknown sender.
  • Never use your credit card or bank details on a website you don’t trust.
  • Only trust payment requests if you can identify the sender without a doubt. (Example of a SCAM email address could be: and it should be deleted right away).

If you are not sure – it is better to ask as many times as needed. You know our telephone numbers (or where to find them) and you know you can reach out to

Finally, we encourage you to always tell us right away if there have been any potential fraud attempts such as suspicious emails, phone calls, etc.); you can reach us over chat, on the phone at the support numbers or by e-mail to:


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