Interview: Chief Compliance Officer Georgi

Interview: Chief Compliance Officer Georgi

AnyTech365 is trusted by happy customers all around the world – you can see our EXCELLENT TrustScore on All this is because of our commitment to 100% compliant and ethical behaviour. Chief Compliance Office Georgi tells us about the central role of compliance at AnyTech365; it’s part of what makes us the leading European computer help and support service.
  • What does the role of CCO mean to you?

    I am honoured to be Chief Compliance Officer for AnyTech365 and I realize the magnitude of the responsibility this position carries with it. I always try to lead by example – I aim to embody integrity and ethical conduct in my daily work, and in all my communications with our employees and partners.

    Compliance is a fundamental value at AnyTech365; being compliant in everything we do is the only way to do business. It is a huge part of what makes AnyTech365 the best tech support service for consumers and businesses.


  • What are your key daily activities as CCO?

    I am responsible to ensure that AnyTech365 follows all applicable laws and regulations, and work to make sure as a company we meet or exceed new regulatory requirements such as the GDPR by implementing the required policies and procedures.

    Additionally, I am in charge of a dynamic and diligent team of more than 20 Compliance officers. My assistants and I work hard so that the AnyTech365 Compliance Department provide fair, accurate, and ethical feedback to our managers, the various teams of IT analysts and experts.

    We also support the Academy365 department who are responsible for training all new employees and developing our team to be certified technicians.


  • How does the compliance department benefit customers?

    A sad reality of the online technical support and IT security industry is that there are many scammers and scam companies who operate unethical business models and take advantage of people. This is in addition to hackers, cybercriminals, viruses, malware, ransomware, and all the other very real threats that are out there and increasing daily.

    AnyTech365 serves customers by providing the very best computer security and protection software alongside the highest quality remote computer help and support – that is the real and valuable service that AnyTech365’s customers enjoy. The problem is, of course, that scammers often try to emulate legitimate business models. That’s where the AnyTech365 Compliance Department comes in.

    The compliance department is vigilantly checking and supporting so that AnyTech365 is always operating within the law, providing truthful information, and never misrepresenting any information at any time. Scammers will use their superior IT knowledge and jargon to scare consumers. At AnyTech365, that is simply unacceptable.The foundation of AnyTech365 has always been customer protection and security, and our customers are treated ethically and with respect at all times. By having a robust compliance operation, we provide the best service possible and ensure that the law and our own values of ethical business are continuously adhered to.


  • What are your guiding principles that enable you to effectively lead this vital aspect of AnyTech365 operations?

    Every day I try my best to take wise, calm and well-thought-out decisions based on honesty, respect, and ethical behaviour. I aim for balance and objectivity in everything I do. Managing a growing team in a fast-pace environment like ours can be challenging!


  • What controls are in place to prevent unethical behaviour at AnyTech365?

    We have a large number of internal policies and procedures that are made very clear to employees, including the AnyTech365 Code of Conduct which lays out how we do business in an ethical and legal way, as well as guides all employees in who we are, what we do, and how we treat each other and our customers in all interactions.

    Then we have the compliance team who listen to each and every interaction with our customers, as well as view the recordings of TeamViewer remote access sessions with customers. We evaluate both the calls and the TeamViewer recordings with special compliance scorecards with very strict criteria. Our sales representatives’ compensation and their continuous employment rely on their compliance scorecards.

    We also have Academy365 where we provide training, coaching and re-coaching of staff with low compliance scores, and every day we share the highest scores and make recordings available for the best customer interactions to help promote the ethical and compliant way internally. In addition, we run weekly calibration sessions with our teams to ensure we are always on the same page.


  • How can employees report concerns, issues, or potential violations of laws, regulations, and ethical business practices?

    AnyTech365 are committed to honest, ethical, transparent and trustworthy operations at all times. It is vital for our continued success as the leading European computer help and support service that we take any concerns or potential violations very seriously. We have a dedicated email account and hotline for all staff to report compliance issues and violations of procedure. Any reported concerns are investigated fully and immediately.