AnyTech365 receives the

Andalucía Excelente

2021 Award

in New Technologies


Security and remote technical support for a secure and efficient experience of both computer equipment and all devices connected to the network.

Marbella-based AnyTech365 is a leading Andalusian company in security and IT support at an international level. It was founded in 2014 by Danish entrepreneur Janus R. Nielsen to help companies and individuals to improve their experience with the use of computing devices. The good reception from customers was the origin of AnyTech365. Today, the company employs around 400 employees from all over the world, making it possible to serve customers in up to 21 different languages and enriching the company’s working environment.

AnyTech365’s employees, distributed between its headquarters in Marbella and its offices in Torremolinos, Casablanca, and Copenhagen, attend 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to clients from all over the world, providing support in different languages to clients from Europe, the USA, Latin America, Australia, and some Asian countries.

Its success is due to the loyalty of its customers, something that is possible thanks to the quality of the support service offered and the consequent satisfaction of its users. AnyTech365’s commitment to its customers means that attention to quality is paramount. Each employee, before joining the company, receives training based on corporate values and impeccable customer service. To ensure compliance with these principles, AnyTech365 is assisted by AppEsteem, a US-based third-party cybersecurity firm founded by former Microsoft employees, to ensure consumer protection and quality interactions. Through a set of standards and protocols, AppEsteem reviews and audits every consumer interaction to prevent any conduct that is detrimental to customers. AnyTech365 was the first European IoT security solutions and support company to be certified by AppEsteem and is also a founding member of CleanApps.

Miguel Ángel Casales, CFO

Not only does it have an internal protocol and comply with the criteria imposed by AppEsteem, but it can also boast of being an ISO 9001 and 14000 certified company, as well as being certified by Confianza Online, an e-commerce self-regulation system that ensures strict compliance with data protection, commercial communication, and e-commerce.

This has made AnyTech365 one of the leading international security and IT support companies, which has strategic partners such as Panda and Media Markt and has a portfolio of more than 100,000 active customers with whom it provides approximately 2,300 daily assistance services that receive an immediate response to resolve incidents with computers and all types of smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

As a result of the increase in this type of connected device in homes and the concern of AnyTech365’s business partners to increase the added value provided to its customers, the Company has just launched a project with Media Markt Iberia to provide technical assistance and on-site technological advice in its shops.

Another of its projects is the AnyTech365 Secure Router solution, a device that encrypts the data traffic of conventional routers to achieve maximum security for its customers while they browse the web or shop online. In addition to this encryption router, AnyTech365 holds a patent on a threat prevention technology through its AnyTech365 Intelliguard solution.

AnyTech365 has been ranked in 2019 as the fastest growing technology company in Spain and 27th in the European ranking among all sectors according to the Financial Times.

There is no doubt that the products and services offered by AnyTech365 are more necessary than ever, due to the impact that COVID-19 has had on digital transformation, as well as the increase in connectivity in our lives, which means that users are unable to learn everything necessary for the proper use of their devices.

Miguel Ángel Casales, CFO

The company’s strategy is focused on maintaining its leadership position in the B2C channel, growing in the B2B channel with the introduction of new products and services, focusing on home connectivity and cybersecurity solutions that complement the current portfolio, and taking advantage of the digital transformation to develop new value propositions.

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