Devious Facebook quiz uses your picture in ads

Devious Facebook quiz uses your picture in ads


If you want to prevent your profile picture from being used in dating and weight loss ads, be aware of the quizzes you are participating in on Facebook.

How well do you know Philip? The page (one to avoid!) is currently running quizzes on Facebook that log people in to participate and share quiz results to gain the rights to users information and profile pictures.

If you participate in the quiz about how well you know one of your Facebook friends, there is a likelihood that your profile picture will be used in various ads on the web. By participating in the quiz, you accept that HeroQuizz may use your profile picture in various contexts. The images are often used in dating and weight loss ads.

That is what the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet writes

For some time, the Swedes have been bullied, but now the Danes have started to take part in the quiz as well as other European countries.
Not only does HeroQuizz gains the right to use your private information, the information is often sold to affiliates who in turn can also use this information.

Hackers Use Facebook Quizzes to Steal Your Info

“Always take some extra time before participating in quizzes and tests on Facebook. The downside is that many users jump into the trap when it comes to personality tests and quizzes about you and your Facebook friends. Don’t join quizzes on Facebook if you want to make sure your face isn’t used in various online ads,”
says Janus R. Nielsen, an IoT Security Expert at IoT Security Solutions AnyTech365

In the above example of a quiz about how well you know one of your Facebook friends, you take the bait unless you read all the small print. It states that you give HeroQuizz the right to use the information you enter when using their service.

Facebook quiz privacy policy
Source: Aftonbladet

– There are many of these kind of crooks on Facebook and the web in general who are trying to get you to ignore their confidentiality policy in order to steal your personal data and use it for their own gains. And even if your friend send you game requests or tests, it’s a good idea to be wary of what you click on, says Janus.

4 quick tips:

  • Read the terms and privacy policy in detail if you participate in contests or tests on Facebook
  • Do not enter personal information if you are unsure whether the quiz is real or not
  • Pay attention to the links you click on as they can lead you to fake pages
  • Avoid participating in quizzes and tests completely if you want to protect your private information
  • Report scam posts on Facebook by following these instructions.

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