Interview: Compliance Officer Eva

Interview: Compliance Officer Eva

The AnyTech365 Family is full of many nationalities – more than 40! This allows us to provide technical support in many languages – you can get PC help in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, and more! German Compliance Officer and coffee-lover Eva tells us about her work to help AnyTech365 be the best online tech support service available.
  • Describe the daily activities of an AnyTech365 Compliance Officer; how do you spend your time?

    My working day is starting with a cup of nice coffee & by checking latest emails and reports and then I start evaluating the interactions with our customers. At the end of the working day I review if all the scores have been applied correctly and double check the feedback before it gets distributed.

  • What role do honesty and ethics play in the Compliance Department at AnyTech365?

    Honesty, ethics and integrity are the core of our business, so they are naturally the foundation behind having a Compliance department. You must have those qualities as a person, if you want to be part of this team.

  • What personal principles motivate you in your work as a Compliance Officer?

    The opportunity to make the staff perform better through my feedback. It feels good falling asleep at night knowing your work makes a difference in the online consumer space.

  • Which compliance metric (from the scorecard) do you think is most important and why?

    For me, the most important scorecard metric is the connection with the customer. If the agent can do that during the conversation, he has already won and we (AnyTech365) have also won a new customer! Of course, this is not possible without good product knowledge and soft skills, but building a trusting relationship with the customer is the first step to success!

  • What gives you the most satisfaction in your daily work?

    The pleasant working atmosphere and the great team!

  • Give a recent example of how you personally support AnyTech365 employees to ensure ethical and compliant behaviour?

    We have a great relationship with each other in our team in and outside the office. As a Compliance officer, our agents look up to me for guidance and advice.

  • Describe AnyTech365 in 5 words or less?

    The FEEL-GOOD COMPANY for me! Happy to be a part!