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A AnyTech365 dá-lhe a oportunidade de uma carreira satisfatória e próspera em Marbella ou em Torremolinos e trabalhar com a empresa focada numa contínua melhoria para cada aspeto de cada empregado, departamento, produto e serviço. Portanto se está a pensar em trabalhar em Marbella e/ou Torremolinos, continue a ler.

Oferecemos um salário competitivo e uma grande variedade de benefícios para todos os nossos empregados, com escritórios modernos a oferecer trabalhos em Marbella e em Torremolinos, todas as ferramentas, conforto e apoio que precisa para sobressair como membro na nossa equipa – qualquer que seja o seu papel e especialidade!

Nós somos uma empresa jovem, dinâmica e de crescimento rápido com padrões altos para todos os aspectos de nosso negócio - fazemos coisas da forma certa, tratamos empregados e clientes com respeito e usamos todos os dias para melhorar para o benefício de todos.

Vemos o valor em pessoas e suas habilidades e tentamos inspirar, ajudar, desenvolver e promover os membros de nossa equipe. Estamos comprometidos em crescer para o um grande nome no suporte técnico. Deslize para baixo para as vagas de trabalho atuais em Marbella e Torremolinos.

Talent is the most valuable asset we have here at AnyTech365. I love waking up every morning knowing that I will be working in Malaga, surrounded by first-class certified technicians willing to give their best. That encourages me to strive for excellence"r
David Bustamante
HR Director

We are Europe’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) Security company, based in Spain.

We serve customers all around the world in 20 languages.

We are the first European company in the sector to be certified for compliance by leading online consumer protection organization AppEsteem.

We are rated #1 with an EXCELLENT TrustScore on the leading consumer review website Trustpilot.

Anniek Scheeringa
Junior Marketer
"My working experience at AnyTech365 has been amazing so far and it keeps improving. As a team, we are creating an international and fun environment to work in. From the moment I started here, everyone has been kind, welcoming and supportive. This makes it so easy to settle in and become part of the AnyTech365 family! What I love is that teamwork is highly valued, we all help each other succeed here. "
Amanda Gleason
English T1 Agent
"AnyTech365 is one of the best places I have ever worked at. We are all encouraged to work independently. Every day I get to work alongside of people who have the same goals as I do, which makes the working environment very pleasant. It’s not only the management, but also my colleagues who always motivate me. Together we make sure that we keep each other focussed, with the right attitude and commitment. "
Yvonne Arroyo
Talent Acquisition Specialist
"I truly appreciate working with other engaged colleagues towards common goals and that is what excites me about working at AnyTech365. I feel like my work is meaningful and I enjoy the challenges at my job. AnyTech365 has already achieved so much within their first years and this absolutely sparks my imagination. I love the fast, innovative pace of the company and I see myself growing within a successful environment and gaining new skills on a daily basis."
Francisco Cobos
Legal Counsel
"AnyTech365 has given me the opportunity to develop myself through different departments and to continue growing every day. Here I have found an international workspace where you can practice any language you want to, and you can enjoy a young and modern company atmosphere mixed with the quality of a high-performance job. I encourage those people looking for a job opportunity to come and join the AnyTech365 family."
Andy Haerden
Compliance Officer
"Since I started working for AnyTech365, I've had new challenges every single day. This is what makes working here so special, we can learn from our daily tasks and get better at it, step by step. As an employee I really feel that I matter and that we are seen as individuals. There was always someone around to talk to. The company not only helps me to develop myself professionally, but also personally."
Belen Rendon
German T1 Agent
"I have been in this company for several months now and from the beginning on it has been a great place to work! The atmosphere is very dynamic, because of all the different nationalities that my colleagues have. Within a few minutes, you can hear a colleague speak German, Spanish, French, English, Italian or any other language - it's fantastic. I have worked in different companies and AnyTech365 really stands out!"
Christina Kristensen
Public Relations Officer
"Working at AnyTech365 is a great experience for me, because I am given the opportunity to develop my skills. Working with communication and public relations in such an international, fast growing company with people speaking more than 15 languages allows me to use my competencies in many different ways. It really is amazing to be a part of this dynamic, vibrant company! "
Belal Kadimi
French T1 Agent
"The first things that is great about working at AnyTech365 is the location: the Costa del Sol is a great area to live in! The company has a very enjoyable working environment. Every employee is given a lot of autonomy, which motivates us to reach our targets and deliver the best performance. The work I do is very diverse – I help several customers every day, with some I even speak for 2 hours. I learn something new from every customer and they help me improve the service I provide them with even more, so that way, every next customer can get a perfect treatment!"
David Simduwa
English T3 Agent
"I have been working for AnyTech365 for about three years now. I started working here at a young age, having little previous work experience. AnyTech365 has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about a professional work environment, but also about new technology. Working with different technologies in a fast-changing world, has allowed me to grow and to achieve goals, in many more ways than I could have imagined."
Elisa Rossini
Italian T2 Agent
"AnyTech365 has a friendly and casual atmosphere, yet very professional and committed team. Work is never boring the same and every day you can learn something new and grow as a professional. If you like challenges and working in an exciting fast paced environment, AnyTech365 is the place to be."


Procuramos por pessoas para trabalhar em Marbella e Torremolinos,
mas em alguns casos as pessoas podem trabalhar em casa!



We see the value in people and their abilities, and strive to inspire, support, develop, and promote our team members.


We offer a competitive salary and a variety of benefits and perks, with modern offices with all the tools, comfort, and support you need to excel as a member of our team – whatever your role and expertise.


We work hard and we play hard - regular office events, team-building, and incentives for all our AnyTech365 family!

The locations

AnyTech365 is based on the Costa del Sol in Spain, with offices in Marbella and Torremolinos. This is a great place to live and work for many reasons: the weather, the culture, the food, the people, and so much more. It is a favourite tourist (and relocation!) destination for people from all around the world.


O nosso escritório central está situado e a oferecer emprego no popular destino turístico que é Marbella, uma glamorosa vila resort na soalheira Costa del Sol e, um dos lugares preferidos para os ricos e famosos. A população é eclética, com um grande número de residentes estrangeiros que são seduzidos pelo estilo de vida e criam os seus lares e trabalham em Marbella.

O nosso moderno escritório tem salas para conferências e para formação, sofás confortáveis e áreas de descanso, um restaurante no local com café Nespresso, parqueamento gratuito, ambientes de trabalho da última geração e, todo o apoio, ferramentas e formação que irá necessitar para cumprir com as suas tarefas aos mais altos padrões.

Casablanca, MOROCCO

New jobs are being created for people to work in Casablanca with the office in Morocco having been inaugurated in December 2019 AnyTech365 now provides career opportunities in Casablanca as well. The Casanearshore office location is easily accessible from the city center and offers people a great place to work in Casablanca with conference and training rooms, comfortable sofas and rest areas, free breakfast, an on-site restaurant, and all the support, tools, and training you will need.


O nosso segundo escritório abriu em 2017 oferecendo emprego no coração da fantástica cidade espanhola de Torremolinos. Situado no atarefado centro da cidade, o nosso escritório moderno rodeado por cafés, restaurantes, instalações e serviços e, dentro de uma curta caminha de poucos minutos várias ligações de transporte público, um espaço ideal para trabalhar em Torremolinos.

Torremolinos evoluiu como um resort atrativo e chamativo, conhecido pelas suas praias de areia limpa, pela ampla escolha de hotéis e restaurantes e uma variedade de entretenimento, atividades e vida noturna disponíveis sem paralelo. Praticamente um subúrbio de Malaga, a atmosfera de Torremolinos é muito mais espanhola, especialmente aos fins-de-semana, com um ar amistoso e acolhedor.


Our third office is located in Copenhagen, in the Meatpacking district, a modernized industrial area, surrounded by a trendy dining scene and booming nightlife. Transportation is very well organized, easy access to metro, with a direct link to the airport and close to the central station, the perfect place to work in Copenhagen. You will find many bars and restaurants in this area, mostly established in former factories, along the side of breweries and luxurious cocktails bars. Let’s not forget the galleries, that showcase young and talented Danish photographers. It is not a surprise that Copenhagen was announced to be the happiest city in the world!

We are always looking to hire talented and committed professionals

Take a look at our current openings or get in touch jobs@anytech365.com with our recruitment department today!

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