Interview: Compliance Officer Ana

Interview: Compliance Officer Ana

AnyTech365 Compliance Officers work diligently to ensure the best customer experience and remote technical support service for consumers, and that all business is conducted according to laws and regulations. Ana helps AnyTech365 provide the very best computer help and support service for customers.

What personal principles motivate you to work as a Compliance Officer?

I would say that the fairness and moral. It feels good to work on a company that you would trust on as a client.

What role do honesty and ethics play at AnyTech365?

Ethical business practices cannot be a choice if you want to build a sustainable organization. If our customers get treated in a fair and honest way, then our job is done. Otherwise we wouldn’t be achieving our everyday goal.

Compliance Officers use “scorecards” to evaluate calls – How does this work?

The feedback we provide through these scorecards goes directly to management and agents on the floor. Each scorecard has a total score that is a KPI for our agents and matters for their compensation. Every one of them has an average Compliance score that reflects on their general compliance performance and these are ranked into a scoreboard accordingly.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your daily work?

Helping the agents, making sure that they know how to do things properly and see how they improve and little by little achieve the 100% Compliance score they can get.

Give a recent example of how you helped improve AnyTech365 services

I think communicating with agents daily and giving little reminders has worked well.

Describe AnyTech365 in a sentence

A place full of open minded people willing to work and help both, clients and colleagues around.