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When you turn your computer on it’s like waiting for your best TV program to start. You are waiting, patiently until the screen is finally lit and your PC is ready to go. This process can take from 30 seconds up to 10 minutes, depending on your computer’s age and more importantly, usage. It is when you start installing different apps, programs, download several gigabytes of photos, music and others items when your computer starts slows down to a point where you feel totally frustrated.

This is our bread and butter. And this is why we want to help you with the following tips about how you can speed up your already slow computer. So if you want to enjoy a faster computer and do not wish to wait 5 minutes for your PC to start, check the following tips. Ready? Let’s go!

Check the startup programs

Some of the reasons why your computer works slowly have to do with all the applications and programs you’ve installed in your PC. They run also when you turn on your computer and this creates an unnecessary delay. This happens all the time and fortunately, the solution is quite easy.

If you are a Microsoft user, look for the Task Manager on the taskbar and open it. You will find a list with all the apps and programs you have installed on your computer and you will have to choose which one you wish to run when your computer starts and which one you don’t in order to disable the ones you don’t want to load when your computer starts. You can do this by checking with Google and search for your items in your Task Manager and see whether they are necessary to run when you start your PC. If this is a little bit technical, you may always give us a call (see below) and we will do our best to help you.


Some Windows editions defragment your hard drive automatically, but if this is not your case, you always can do it yourself. There are some programs you can use like O&O Defrag or IObit’s Smart Defrag 5. However, you can do it easily and more intuitive using MYPCTuneUp.

With this software, you will be able to defrag your disk, clean the computer register, free up disk space, solve issues and other services. A complete program which helps you to get your computer fully optimized.

Check for malware and other viruses

This is a very common issue in computer users also. Malware and other viruses are very easy to catch when you are surfing on the Internet or directly sharing your portable storage devices (hard disks o USB sticks) with another people.

To clean up your computer from this harmful issues you can use Windows Defender. To open it you will need to go to:

Start Menu > Setting > Update and Security > Windows Defender

Using this option you will have a general scan of your computer, and in a case of Malware presence on your PC, you will be able to delete them. However, it is important that you have a very efficient antivirus program to prevent this situation.

Visual Effects

Windows is a very stylish operating system with many options to customize, but some of these visual effects are very heavy to process especially in old computers. Thankfully it is very easy to turn them off.

To check the visual effects have you running on your computer you just have to go to Windows Start Menu and type Advanced System Settings and select the first result. Then you will see a list with all the style options where you can untick the ones you think that could be problematic, or simply select the best performance option at the top. Do not forget to press OK once you finish.

Update drivers and apps

Outdated drivers can make your computer run slow. They can influence the turn on time on your PC, shut down time, video plays etc. This is why is always recommended to check your drivers’ version and upload them if it is necessary.

To fix this you can do it by yourself by checking a few sites; SlimDrivers Free or Driver Booster Free.

Reinstall Windows

If you follow the suggestions above and your PC is not working any faster, you can always reinstall Windows on your computer. This solution removes all unwanted software, viruses, and other harmful issues that are affecting your device. If you choose this option, it is important that you save all the information (photos, music, videos, presentations, documents, …) you have in your hard disk computer. Otherwise, you will lose it all.

If you PC runs with Windows 8 or 10 you can use the Recovery option, it is a very easy way to do it. But if your computer runs with an older Windows version, you will need an external hard drive.

In Windows 8 bring up the Charms bar on the right side of the screen and click Settings, Change PC settings. In Windows 10, click on the Start menu and go to Update & Security, once there, choose Recovery from the menu on the left. On the right, you will find the Reset this PC option.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to solve these little problems that make your PC slower. In most cases, the problems are easy to solve but sometimes it is a little bit more complex and you may just need some help.

In AnyTech365 we are perfectly aware of issues like the ones described above. We have friendly IT Experts who can help you get your computer back on track. For more information visit and book a FREE Health-check of your PC today.

AnyTech365 – People helping people

Janus Rægaard Nielsen


Danish IT entrepreneur with a strong management background gained from over 20 years in the IT Consumer & Security Industry. Extremely tenacious and driven, he has been a Manager and Vice President in American Fortune 500 IT Companies for over 15 years.

Founder of MySecurityCenter, one of today’s leading European Internet Security companies, with millions of users.

In 2013, he founded Anytech365. As a part of AnyTechCorp, which is a state of the art Call Center specializing in communication with private consumers and small business, Anytech365 is solely focused on IT, PC and internet Help and Support.

In 2016, he launched ReimageTech, to channel their new partnership with the Reimage Group.

His companies currently employ more than 150 people from 15 different nationalities in two different offices in the Costa del Sol (Marbella, Spain).

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Eric Bertin

Director of Operations

Eric has been with the company since late 2015 and quickly blended in well with the company’s mission and vision.

He has gone through the ranks, starting in the French sales department, where he became one of the best performers.

His good results granted him a promotion to French Team Manager. It was his success during his stint as a manager what got him another promotion. From Feb 2017 he’s regarded as Director of Operations. In his new role, he oversees a team of more than 130 people between sales representatives, customer support agents and managers.

His previous work experience features high profile jobs at big companies like Unilever, Shiseido, Puig as regional, sales director and commercial director. He’s also run his very own Real Estate business in France with huge success.

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Tomas Niedermayir

IT Manager

Having worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years around the globe, Tom gathered experience and certifications in various fields of the IT world, including server landscapes and infrastructure, development tasks and leadership skills. Due to his engagements in various countries, he also had the opportunity to work on many challenges including having operated his own enterprises with up to 20 employees. Some of them he was able to successfully sell, before moving to seek new goals.

He got employed with AnyTech365 early in 2016, having taken up the management of the IT department with its international team of 12 administrators, web and app developers and phone system operators, to the end of the same year. He’s involved in dealing with daily operations such as infrastructure and software development as well as being in charge of most of the finance analytics.

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Juan Salazar

General Manager and Shareholder

Juan is been working with CEO Janus Nielsen since 2006. They met in a furniture store in Costa del Sol-Marbella where Juan was working and Janus was looking to get some ideas for an Interior Design Project for his house. Juan was allocated to Janus’s project and soon after they became good friends.

Shortly, Juan was offered to join the highly acclaimed MYSecurityCenter; Janus’s first successful online business in Spain. With no previous experience in the online world, Juan was trained directly by CEO Janus Nielsen, this turned out to be highly beneficial for Juan and business since the company grew tremendously in a very short period of time.

From then on, Juan has worked very hard to make be in the current position he currently holds; General Manager and PA to CEO Janus Nielsen. Together, they’ve also built up other successful businesses from scratch.

10 years later, Juan remains best friends with Janus. He’s also the Godfather of one of Janus’ children, William.

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Najib Tifaf

Academy Training Manager

Najib began his career with the company in October 2016. With experience in big French companies, particularly in the field of IT, he was particularly inspired by the vision of the company and its managers. He began by working with the French sales team where his performance exceeded the most optimistic expectations.

His results and desire to contribute to the success of the company granted him management functions. Ever since April, Najib has now become a Manager. His role is to make sure the French Team reaches its goals and he’s also in charge of helping with long term strategic procedures and employee training.

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Marianne Mhitaryan

HR Manager

Marianne started in the company March 2017 as an HR manager to develop the newly created HR department to meet the increasing demand of structure with in the sector and management.

Marianne has vast experience in business over the years in Sweden from having own companies within import/export and trading with Russia, various management positions in Hotel, Real Estate and outsourcing companies both in Sweden and in Costa del Sol. Been based in Moscow for longer periods for business purposes.

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Paul Masdoua

French Sales Manager

Paul is native of Paris and is 27 years old. He has a very strong sales background despite his young age. His journey on Anytech365 began as a sales rep in December 2015. From the very beginning, he quickly understood the vision of the company. He was quickly promoted to French manager assistant, to later become the French Team sales manager.

He is in now charge of a team of more than 25 French sales reps that continues to grow every single day.

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Georgi Medzhidiliev

Chief Compliance Officer

Georgi has been with the company since late 2014 and has gone through the ranks, starting in the Danish sales team, before moving to Customer Support as a junior technician and shortly after - as a senior technician. In October of 2016, he was promoted to Customer Support Manager and has been acting in this capacity until recently. In September 2017, Georgi was appointed Chief Compliance Officer.

He oversees our Compliance and risk management operation together with a team of ten. Georgi has a B.A, in English and holds an M.A. in American Studies and Political Science from the University of Southern Denmark and Ohio University. Prior to joining us, Georgi has been actively involved in political campaign management in the US.

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Antonio Moreno Lewis

Marketing Manager

Antonio has been with Anytech365 for over a year in charge of the marketing department. As a marketing manager, Antonio develops and manages digital marketing campaigns, utilizing a range of techniques including paid search, SEO, and PPC

He Oversees the social media strategy for the company and manages the online brand and product campaigns to raise brand awareness. In addition, he also is in charge of the entire email communication with clients and leads.

For the last 10 years, he’s been an Internet marketing consultant, has helped along the way hundreds of businesses increase their sales and revenues.

He owned a US based corporation which manufactured supplements that lead people to better health and better lives, and an online marketing agency that covered a wide range of services, from traffic generation to conversion.

He owns a BA in Marketing and Advertising at European Institute of Marketing and Communication (Madrid). When he’s not working, he also teaches a social media marketing module in an MBA school in Málaga. (

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Silvana Scibetta

Sales Training

Silvana has started in the Company in 2015 as a sales agent. In December 2016 she became Manager of the Italian and Spanish sales teams. In the last few months, she moved to the new Academy department as a trainer/facilitator.

She has an extended experience as a Business analyst and trainer having worked for several years for multinational companies as General Electric and Varian Medical Systems where she trained up to 1200 end users in more than 15 countries around the world.

Silvana has an M.A in psychology and coaching from the University of Bologna and various degrees in training and business analysis.

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Lola Denis

Spanish/Italian Sales Manager

Lola's the youngest member of our Management team. She joined anytech365 in January 2017 as a sales rep in the French Team, where she quickly became their most successful sales member.

In May, she got promoted to assistant Manager on the Spanish Team as she also speaks fluent Spanish. In June, she was promoted to Sales Manager to the Italian and Spanish team where she oversees a team of 15 people.

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Mathieu Harduin

Customer Support Manager

Mathieu is French, native from Paris, started in the company 2015 as a sales agent. He was later transferred to Support department in early 2016 as a technician. In Sept 2016, as he was picked by the entire Support staff, he was promoted to Assistant Manager. In Sept 2017 he became Support Manager.

He oversees a growing team of over 50 technicians of different nationalities based in two offices and is in charge of ensuring they provide the absolute best service and technical help to our customers.

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