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Call +44 (0)203 603 5879 to find out which PLAN is right for you.
Or simply let one of our friendly IT Experts give you a complete and FREE Device Health check and fix - it is a 69$ value!
You call
We talk
We check

You register
We fix

A FREE Device Health check and fix is a standard scan, fix and user registration done by one of our support assistants.
If more thorough diagnostics and clean-up is needed it requires an active Security and Support Plan before you can get connected
with one of our certified Windows, Android, iOS or MAC experts!




Premium plus


36 Months (3 Years) Upfront + 24 Months for FREE

( Only available after a completed FREE Device Health check and fix )

11.65€ / Month
60 Months / 699€
14.98€ / Month
60 Months / 899€
18.32€ / Month
60 Months / 1099€
24 Months (2 Years) Upfront + 12 Months for FREE

( Only available after a completed FREE Device Health check and fix )

15.25€ / Month
36 Months / 549€
19.42€ / Month
36 Months / 699€
23.58€ / Month
36 Months / 849€
12 Months (1 Year) Upfront + 3 Months for FREE
26.60€ / Month
15 Months / 399€
33.27€ / Month
15 Months / 499€
39.93€ / Month
15 Months / 599€
6 Months Upfront
41.50€ / Month
6 Months / 249€
49.83€ / Month
6 Months / 299€
58.17€ / Month
6 Months / 349€
Hours of operation
10:00 - 18:00 / Mon - Fri
08:00 - 21:00 / Mon - Fri
08:00 - 21:00 / 365 Days
Help and Support from certified IT professionals
We help fixing issues in your computer. All your questions answered!
2 hours per month
5 hours per month
Response time (from ticket creation)
Our response to your computer issues or problems.
Same day
Maximum 3 hours
AnyTech365 Security software
Next generation cyber security, powered by Panda Security
Transferable Subscription (from PC to PC)
Transfer your subscription to another computer quickly and easily.
Upgrade Guarantee
FREE access to all software, feature and service upgrades and enhancements throughout complete subscription period.
Software install and uninstall service
We install new products you might have purchased and make sure installation goes correct and the program(s) have the right settings for you. We also make sure you obtain complete un-installations of any unwanted program(s) on your PC.
Updates and PC maintenance checks
Pro-active maintenance checks to keep your computer running smooth. Our agents will reach out to you.
Automated security and Productivity reports from your PC
VIP Treatment
Get updates and special deals before anyone else
Personal IT Supporter
Throughout your entire subscription period you will always have the same IT supporter allocated to you in order to secure the best, fastest and most continuous service possible.

Please note that prices do not include VAT!

More payment options available


Covers all internet-connected devices (Up to 8)

Get complete peace of mind for your entire family with tech support and total protection for every device, 365 days a year!

Choose any of our single-device plans above and get 8 devices protected and supported for only double the price!

Laptops - Desktops - Smartphones - Tablets - Smart-TVs - and more ...
Call +44 (0)203 603 5879 now for more information


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